Best Diet Book Ever!

One Response to “Best Diet Book Ever!”

  1. bb Says:

    Hi, I was reading through a post you wrote, and you said:
    “I find I workout best(and my clients too) if they allow at least 2 hours before exercising after eating or train first thing in the morning after drinking some coffee with cream(yes cream, its a great source of CLA). Remember, the goal of an exercise session, in my opinion, is hormone stimulation; both testosterone and growth-hormone. Both hormones are responsible for fat loss, body composition changes, mood balancing and strength enhancement. Women, by the way, dont get the results they desire from their workouts because they aren’t training intensely enough to stimulate either of the above hormones”.

    I hope you still come on this site! But on days I (weight) train my butt and legs, what could I do differently diet-wise -as a woman. I would love some muscsle growth there

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