It’s all about hormones…..

Bodyfat loss is much more than just taking in less calories than you need. It’s about hormones! Especially the older you get. Have you ever known aerobic instructors who teach 4-5 1 hour long classes per day, 5 days a week, but are overweight? I have, many of them.  You may be asking yourself but how can that be when they exercise so much. Well, in fact, the answer is more complicated than what I am about to tell you but STEADY-STATE EXERCISE(low-moderate aerobic-based) CAN ACTUALLY TRAIN THE BODY TO STORE FAT. Read the part in capitals again before going on.

In short, the body becomes more efficient at performing the activity, thus requiring less muscular exertion and effort which then lowers the amount of calories burned AFTER the workout is finished.  The key is STIMULATING the body to burn fat the other 23 hours you are alive.  Also, what is cool about stimulating fat-burning hormones is that you will even burn bodyfat while you are sleeping or watching TV. Most people who jog, walk or do the elliptical are only burning calories while they are doing the specific exercise but never get the intensity high enough to really tap into those fat stores.  You would be much better off if you would do your cardio at a higher intensity for 20 mins than at a lower intensity for 40 mins.  Better results in less time. What more can you ask for?

 Growth-hormone is the key to bodyfat loss, anti-aging, muscular tone, and energy levels. After the age of 25, our GH production begins to slowly decline and with that our energy levels, mental focus, sex drive, and muscle tone.  Check your skin elasticity in your face and hands. Is it sagging? Not as tight? The result is more bodyfat. 

Growth hormone is naturally released from the pituatary gland during intense exercise and during sleep.  However, the amounts released during sleep are not signifcant enough to cause body composition changes.  That leaves us with EXERCISE, but not just any ole exercise, INTENSE EXERCISE.  15 mins of a properly constructed workout will give you 10x better results than 45 mins of a normal workout. Now, wouldn’t you rather spend 1/3 the time working out and get BETTER RESULTS?

 In my personal training practice, the reason I have been so successful training female clients(and men too) is because I design workouts specifically to naturally cause the release of growth-hormone from the body.  Women who have large amounts of fat deposits in their hips, glutes and thighs will have a very hard time reducing their lower bodies if they exercise in the normal steady-state fashion.  You will be literally amazed at how fast you lose bodyfat and inches.  The body will just blow-torch that fat right off you in a matter of weeks.

 Remember, quality is far better than quantity when it comes to changing the way your body looks.  Anyone can lose weight, but my clients CHANGE THE WAY THEIR BODY LOOKS.

Call now for a FREE trial workout. 480-200-4079

Mark Baldwin

B.S. Kinesiology, University of Illinois

18years experience.


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