Visualize your way to your ideal body

Our bodies respond to what our minds believe.  If we believe and feel we are healthy, then our cells respond accordingly.  If we believe and feel sickness, our cells have no choice but to respond with “sick cells”.  We have the ability to THINK ourselves well.  Remember, what our minds believe our bodies do. Your mind controls your body.  Your God-given state is perfection.  Your Spirit is perfect, whole, nothing needs changing, thus your natural state of health is perfect.  Somewhere along the way we have forgotten this.

 Your subconscious mind doesn’t question your thoughts and beliefs, it only guides you towards what you think and believe.  A negative-based mindset will lead you to situations to verify your present mindset. It doesn’t question, it only responds to your thoughts so choose wisely.

 What does this have to do with losing fat and weight? TONS!

I have yet to meet a client who doesn’t BELIEVE they can reach their goals and reaches them.  You will always manifest what your heart desires.  If your heart desires to lose 20 lbs and become healthy then ‘YOU’ will do the things necessary to make this happen.  If you are not heart-centered in your goals, then its highly unlikely you are going to do the things necessary to fulfill your hearts desires.

 Accept yourself as you are right now.  Love yourself and be grateful for your body.  Its a remarkable gift from God.  Treat it accordingly.  Once you accept yourself “as is”, then you can change yourself to your desired physical condition.

 Mark Baldwin


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