Here’s what isometrics can do for you.

photos-007.jpgphotos-004.jpgI am 38 years old, soon to be 39. I lifted weights in the past but haven’t touched a weight for the past 6 years.  I am leaner, stronger, faster, healthier and bigger than I ever was lifting weights. I am not condemning weights, but they aren’t necessary to get into awesome condition. My joint pains have disappeared and my low back no longer constantly bothers me.

 My training program is not based solely on isometrics but they do play a big part in my fitness program.  I also incorporate DVR’s(dynamic visual resistance), bodyweight exercises, gymnastics, and self-resistance training into my fitness training.

 If you have questions about your own fitness program, feel free to email me.


One Response to “Here’s what isometrics can do for you.”

  1. Argenis Salazar Says:

    Hello, that’s great 🙂 I would lik to know about the routine, specially the way you combine isometrics with dynamic exercises, I’ve been looking forward to know about it for a long time!!… Thanks!

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